Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These TERMS OF LIMOUSINE & CAR SERVICE ("Service Terms") are a LEGAL AND BINDING CONTRACT BETWEEN SOUTH Florida LIMO and you governing your use of the services ("Services") provided by RESERVE TRANSFER.

Before you use the Services, please read these Terms carefully. These Service Terms will apply to your use of the Services. These terms also include, without limitation, the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. You are asked to stop using the Services if you don't agree with these Service Terms. SOUTH Florida LOIMO reserves all rights to modify or supplement these Service Terms without prior notice. Continued access to or use of these Service Terms following any changes or supplements will indicate your acceptance of those Terms. These Service Terms are your responsibility. These Service Terms were last revised on February 11, 2020.


All advertised fares are subject to change without notice. Prices may rise during holidays and special events.


The rate you are quoted before your trip is confirmed based on information provided at the time you made the reservation. The estimate does not include fees for gratuity, waiting times, additional stops, or tolls. These charges will increase the rate.


Additional charges may apply to any changes made after pickup. Before you leave, ask the driver at 212-201-0720 for an updated price.


Your driver will determine the fastest and safest route to your destination based on traffic conditions, weather, and road conditions. Based on his experience and knowledge, he may take a toll route rather than an accessible one. All tolls paid by passengers are the responsibility of the passenger. The total toll rate will be charged. Discounted rates do not apply. The driver will inform you and add the tolls upon arrival at your destination to your bill. Based on the route taken, tolls can vary from one trip to another. Round-trip tolls may be charged for trips.


Gratuity of 20% is not included in the base rates


The waiting time will begin 10 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time.
*10-30 minutes is $40
*30-45 minutes is $60
*45-60 minutes is $80
*Over 60 minutes is $100 an hour


All domestic flights will be free for up to 30 minutes, and international flights for up to 60 minutes. After:
*0-20 minutes is $35
*20-40 minutes is $70
*40-60 minutes is $100
*Over 60 minutes is $120 an hour


*0-15 minutes is included in the free offer
*15-30mins = $50
*30-60mins = $90
*Over 60mins $120/per Hour

After 15 minutes, the waiting time will begin at any stop


Airport parking fees will be added when you book a reservation. The airport parking fee will be added to the fare based on the Port Authority's parking rate.

All cruise port arrivals will be subject to an additional $18.00 parking/access fee.


Cancellations with less than ten days' notice before pickup are subject to forfeiture at 35% per vehicle. Cancellations received less than five days before pickup are subject to a penalty of 50% per vehicle. Cancellations made less than two days before pickup are subject to a fine of 70%. Cancellations received less than 24 hours before pickup of any vehicle rental are subject to forfeiture at 90% of the total job costs.

Stretch Limousine has a 14-day cancellation policy. Cancellations with less than 14 days' notice before pick up are subject to a 35% vehicle forfeiture. Cancellations made less than ten days before the event will result in 50% per vehicle forfeiture. Cancellations received less than five days before the event will result in 70% per vehicle forfeiture. Cancellations received less than two days before the event for any vehicle rental are subject to a penalty of 90% of the total job cost. Cancellations received less than 24 hours before pickup on any vehicle rental will result in a denial of 100% of the entire job costs.

Cadillac Limousines and Party Buses are an exception. Refunds after bookings have been made cannot be granted.

Email [email protected] accepts cancellations by phone at 212-201-0720


Bookings are limited to an hour and may vary depending on the vehicle type or day of the week.
Sunday through Thursday, a minimum of three hours is acceptable.
There is a minimum of four hours of service on Friday and Saturday.


We can supply a child car seat upon request by the customer
* Infant (Rear facing) 0-3 Years
* Toddler (Front facing): 3-5 Years
* Booster Seat

No matter what type of car seat you choose, the price for each seat is $25

In an emergency, a vehicle with a higher value can be replaced at no extra cost to the client.
The passenger will be responsible for installing car seats, and cChauffeurs cannot install car seats.

SOUTH Florida LIMO will abandon the ride if it is impossible to reach the passenger or the contact person within 30 minutes of the pickup time. This information can be found on the reservation. A no-show fee may be assessed if you fail to arrive at the pickup location.


SOUTH Florida LIMO service demands that all changes must be made by phone, email, or through our website no later than 3 hours before pickup. A change made less than 3 hours before pickup may result in a partial or complete charge.


You must provide the credit card number before you pay by credit card. This is for pre-approval purposes only and does not form payment for the trip. To secure the total cost of the trip, including gratuity and tolls, a preliminary hold equal to 150% is placed on your credit/debit card. The wait will be released once payment has been processed within 3-5 business days.

At pickup, the driver must see the actual credit card. To verify the card's validity, the driver may request additional identification. Before the card can be accepted for payment, all signatures and information must match.

At the end of each trip, the credit card must be signed. Passengers cannot leave the vehicle during the journey without signing the credit card slip. The entire fare will be charged if the passenger fails to return to their car.

SOUTH Florida LOIMO takes all the following credit cards as payment:

  • American Express(r),
  • VISA(r)
  • MasterCard(r)
  • Discover(r)


Credit cards are processed the day before the trip. As the date of processing, charges will be shown on your statement. To ensure maximum security for SOUTH Florida LIMI and our customers, all transactions are processed in an encrypted format via a secure server. This assures you that your data is kept private and confidential. We will continue to adopt new security technology when it becomes available. We are here to help you with any questions regarding your privacy and the security of our site. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on how we collect and use your credit card information and any other personally identifiable information.


The invoice must be received in full. The driver can provide an invoice verbally at the end or by writing to the Operation Office.

Credit Card: The client electronically authorizes FPL via Digital Signature to charge the credit card they have on file
1. All damages
2. Additional hours
3. Wait-time
4. Extraordinary clean-up
6. Vehicle components that are lost or stolen
7. Any downtime caused by any of the above.


Additional time will be charged per hour or a portion thereof. The hourly rate for the vehicle will be charged, and extra Time will be set immediately after the contract expires.


All vehicles are considered non-smoking. The client agrees to maintain the car and all its parts and furniture clean and tidy. The chauffeur may decide to charge the client for any additional charges.
1. $20.00 - Each broken or missing piece of glassware.
2. $25.00 -- minimum extensive clean-up charge (spills, mud, candy, etc.).
3. $50.00 minimum for waxing and detailing due to sickness.
4. $250.00 minimum to shampoo and disinfect the vehicle in case of urinary incontinence or other bodily fluids.
5. $100.00 minimum for every burnt or damaged area on the upholstery, carpet, or other vehicle components.
6. $100.00 minimum for every act of vandalism.
7. $50.00 -- For each smoking ban violation as described above.

If the vehicle is left unattended, we recommend removing personal items and valuables. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal effects, including luggage.

The SOUTH Florida LIMO Vehicle Images may not reflect the actual vehicle.


SOUTH Florida LIMO or its Affiliates will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items left behind in vehicles. We do our best to find property left behind in our vehicles, and found objects are kept for 30 days. You can report personal items left in cars to our Lost & Found department or call us at 212-201-0720. Our customer service department is available for assistance. SOUTH Florida LIMO reserves the right to charge a return fee for found items. These fees are based on the total travel rate.


Any animal that is more than 25 pounds. All animals over 25 lbs must be transported in a van or minivan, and service dogs are exempted from this requirement. All animals must be tied or carried in a carrier when traveling in a SOUTH Florida LIMO affiliate vehicle.

Before you travel with your pet, you must inform a reservationist so SOUTH Florida LIMO can take you in. The driver may refuse transport to your pet if you do not notify the reservationist.


we are available 24/7


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